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The Deodorant Balm

Alternative to artificial sprays that actually works

Good Wood

A debit card made from wood will invest in tree planting when consumers use it…

Blue Sky Thinking

A major airliner is planning to bring hydrogen-fuelled planes to market

Carbon-Negative Beer

A trend-setting beer brand is using renewable energy and planting a forest and…

Coronavirus Cutlery

Singer and circular economy specialist produce eco-friendly 'cornonavirus…

End of the Road

California and the UK have joined those promising to ban new petrol and diesel…

Hair vs Oil

Stockings filled with hair could help to fight marine oil pollution

Heavenly Organics Baby Butter

Organic and natural skincare for babies

We Are Paradoxx

Hair and beauty products from a brand that strives to be environmentally…


Handmade, reusable everyday home and beauty products

Coromandel Coast

Shade-grown coffee that preserves forests and helps smallhold farmers

Make Your Own Lip Balm DIY Kit

Ethical ingredients to make your own lip balm


Why rewilding is a solution to both our environmental and personal health…

My Green Heart

Fashion, health and beauty, household, and spiritual and wellbeing products

greenlight market

Eco marketplace spanning home and garden, beauty, clothing and more

Green Slate Shop

Natural beauty, kitchen and cleaning products

Woodless Artist Pencils

Pencils made completely from lead, with no wood

Wind Up

Denmark is planning to build 'energy islands' to boost its wind-power capacity

Packing Boxes and Accessories

Carbon-light packaging, from forest-friendly boxes to sustainable protective…

Green Living

An apartment tower in Australia will be covered in thousands of trees and…

A Mushrooming Idea

A pop-up events space grown from mushrooms could inspire more permanent natural…

Sweet Success

A UK chocolate brand has switched to sustainable packaging