Our Vision

Our vision is to create a proactive, positive and informative platform uniting issues on sustainability, enabling us to make an informed contribution to our planet. We hope to excite, educate and energise you to make small changes that will make a big difference – as a consumer, producer and inhabitant.

The first five aims of Time 2 Act are:

2 Inform – by providing a single platform for positive news, articles, media content and global events through carefully curated links.

2 Educate – through well-researched blogs, interviews, product reviews and guides on how to make a difference in the home and business.

2 Enable… businesses to make a shift towards offering sustainable alternatives to packaging, logistics, energy, etc. and individuals to make a difference at home and in their community.

2 Support… organisations, charities, artists and designers who are making a difference, raising awareness and making leaps into effective ways of dealing with landfill, ocean plastics and renewable energy, as well as reducing ongoing carbon footprints.

2 Design – Time 2 Act will be a platform for change, education and innovation. T2A will support campaigns to develop and sustain recycling streams, sustainable startups and global projects that reduce pollution and waste, that research and develop new materials. We will collaborate on T2A-branded designs in order to support designers and companies to raise their profile and awareness of carbon-neutral or negative replacements for plastic.