Who, What & Why

Time 2 Act was started by two close friends, Ali & Tom.  It began as research into the disparate and varied information across hundreds of websites in order that we might begin to understand the topics around sustainability.  That developed into a desire to unite all this under one roof.

And the project grew into the multi-faceted platform you see today.

It is our hope that you leave with positive energy and ideas about how to make a contribution to the future of our planet.  Together we can manifest the amazing possibilities and opportunities this time is presenting us.

T2A is happy for you to contact us with contributions or if you have any questions about getting involved.



Ali arrived at the decision to create this site as a result of a lifelong fascination with our relationship with the natural world and environmental philanthropy supporting charities, projects and businesses: She draws from personal experience in horticulture and household sustainability.



Tom’s background in art in combination with his interest in closed-loop design and circular economies were founded after living in the Netherlands.  His graphic design and research abilities made him an obvious choice for creating the platform.